Document management

  • Entering, editing and deleting
  • Delivery blocks with via code unlock
  • Customisable document lines manager
  • Reasons for customisable line (sales, gifts, etc.)
  • Multiple measuring units
  • Lots, registration numbers and variants
  • Barcode management with bluetooth
  • Multiple management of discounts
  • Facilitated entering of quantities
  • Proposition of the previous amounts entered in the history
  • Self-generation of the commission copy from the order history
  • Article 62 management
  • Automatic separation of orders by mandate
  • Order generating from offer
  • Facilitated display and search of items
  • Catalogue Mode
  • Multi-deposit with stocks and availability
  •  Reporting critical availability
  •  Down payment collections
  •  Note management
  •  Possibility to divide the document body into sections

Generating documents

With a single entry, you can generate multiple documents through easily configurable rules*.
Possibility to duplicate documents from the history or generate summary summaries from multiple selected documents or through preset rules.

* Example: generate from an order more separate orders for clients or more distinct orders by type of products as useful for the moment in the food field to fulfil art. 62

Document printing

Direct printing or creation of documents in PDF format to be sent immediately by email.

Cycle management

In this management it is possible to configure the operating of specific activities through the sequence proposal of documents. In this way, precise data streams can be organised (e.g. Attempted Sale Cycle).

Attempted sale

To facilitate the task of operators, through the Operational Management Cycles it is possible to fix the phases of activity from the Initial Loads to Global Returns, with the additions and sales documents.


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