Client lists

Data groups, localisation based on distance, access to all the features and insertion of data lists with the automatic compilation based on positioning.

Document history

All documents relative to the data lists always updated and available. Searches and displays with a few steps: orders, quotes, invoices and DDT.

Batch lists

Partial payment collection management, total and multiple collection procedures (cash, checks, etc.). Managing customer loans by amounts, for number of open expiries or number of delay days.


General, customised, discounts, promotions, special cases.

Visit outcomes

It is possible to update the status of the visits made beside the insertion of notes and information useful for any new engagement.

Interactive maps

Interactive maps with the visualisation of personal data and the search for new contacts through Business Finder.

Visit Rounds

Settable by the company, they can be created and edited by the agent, navigator and route display. Visit outcomes and management of notes.


PROVALA GRATIS su iPad Pronta all’uso con archivi demo

PROVALA GRATIS - Pronta all’uso con archivi demo